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Available Products

Available Products

When equipment is nearing or at the point of being replaced, or if you are looking to expand and invest in your own growing operation, GC Thermal Solutions can further support you and your operational needs.

We work closely with all leading and trusted manufacturers in making sure we have the correct product for our customer’s requirements whilst working within your budget.

GC Thermal Solutions offer all makes and models of refrigerated products and a full range of catering equipment, including:

  • Ice Machines
  • Back Bar Bottle Coolers
  • Display/Upright and Undercounter Chillers
  • Display/Upright and Undercounter Freezers
  • Serve Over Refrigerated Counters
  • Multi Deck Display Chillers
  • Buffet/Salad Bars
  • Blast Chillers and Freezers
  • Dishwashers and Glass Washers
  • Combi and Convection Ovens
  • Fryers
  • Oven Ranges and Hobs
  • Salamander Grills
  • Griddles
  • Pizza Ovens
  • Food Warming Drawers
  • Heated Food Merchandisers
  • Peelers, Blenders and Chippers.

Please contact us on info@gcthermalsolutions.com or call us on 0141 611 9602 for a quote or for further information on our full and extensive range of equipment. At GC Thermal Solutions we pride ourselves on providing a friendly and professional service for our customers and we always strive for 100% customer satisfaction, every time.

Equipment Leasing

The option to lease the equipment we sell is available to you. This means that you can still own the equipment but you can save that important working capital for any rainy day purchases for your business and still have the equipment you need today.

Benefits Of Leasing

  • Cash Flow – Cash is king. Paying a monthly repayment scheme over an agreed period of time saves you the initial, bigger outlay. It helps you maintain your cash flow or save it for other important purchases that your business needs.
  • Up to 100% financing – Whatever your business is, it’s really easy to process and you can be approved in less than 24 hours. Finance is available from £500 upwards and may not even require a deposit.
  • Flexible payment schedules – You can decide between 1 – 5 year options to suit your monthly budget. Terms are flexible and the lease is agreed to ensure the repayments work for your business needs.
  • Tax benefits – There are tax benefits relating to your monthly leasing payments. Speak to your accountant to fully understand how this could work specifically for your business.
  • Tomorrows technology, Today. Why wait to save up for the equipment your business needs now. Get the latest technology and equipment that your business needs to keep on top of your competition.
  • Own the equipment – You will have the option to own the equipment you need now.

If you are interested in exploring leasing options for any of our equipment, why don’t you give us a call and speak to one of our team, today.

For more information email us at info@gcthermalsolutions.com

For emergencies call  07534 564282