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High speed ovens delivering
restaurant quality food

Accelerated cooking


Merrychef is the world’s expert in designing and manufacturing high speed ovens, with almost 70 years experience. The Merrychef eikon range delivers restaurant quality food in queue busting time and addresses the challenges of today’s rapidly evolving food industry with reduced kitchen space, untrained staff and limited budgets.
Merrychef ovens can cook up to 20x faster than conventional cooking methods providing quick service to your customer. The Merrychef features a simple easyTouch icon-driven touchscreen to guarantee consistent, high quality food with every order placed. Their versatility to cook, toast, reheat and grill reduces
the need for many other cooking appliances.
Whatever your size of operation for food throughput, Merrychef and GC Thermal have the solution to meet your needs and help expand your business and Food-To-Go operation.

Merrychef eikon® e2s

Standard Features

High speed

Up to 20x faster than other cooking methods.

Ground breaking largest cavity (12” x 12”) to smallest oven width (14”), counter-top appliance.

Single appliance to cook, toast, grill and reheat from fresh or frozen foods. Designed to operate quietly at front-of-house.

UL certified ventless, easy to install. Icon-driven touchscreen, easy to use. Energy efficient at 0.67kWh on standby, saving money when not in use.


External: 356mm W x 595mm D x 620mm H
Internal: 311mm W x 311mm D x 166mm H
Convection: 2200w
Microwave: 1000w (Standard) / 2000w (High Power)
Power: 13AMP (Standard) / 32AMP 1PH (High Power)
Weight: 52KG or 61KG model dependent
Warranty: 1 Years Parts and Labour

Product Features

  • Best in class energy efficiency (0.7 kWh in standby mode)
  • Exhaust vent at rear of unit
  • User-definable temperature bandwith
  • Built-in diagnostic testing
  • 12″cavity with a 14″ wide footprint
  • Rapid cooking, combining three heat technologies (tuned impingement, microwave, convection)
  • Accessory storage on top of the unit
  • Convection fan setting, 10–100% in 1% increments
  • Cool-to-touch exterior
  • Easy access, front-mounted air filter
  • easyTouch®, icon-driven touchscreen user interface
  • Fits on a 600mm worktop
  • Quiet operation (45.3 dBA in standby mode)
  • Rapid cooking up to 20 times faster than conventional ovens
  • USB memory stick data transfer of up to 1024 cooking profiles
  • UL certified ventless cooking capabilities through built-in catalytic converter
  • Very easy to clean seam welded cavity with large rounded corners

Technical Specifications

eikon® e2s Classic

W x D x H14" x 233/8" x 243/8"
35.6cm x 59.4cm x 61.9cm
Weight133.8 lb
60.7 kg
Power OutputN/A
Power Input TypeElectric
Primary Power Input230 V x 50 Hz x 1 PH

Our highest performing Merrychef with its award-winning front-of-house design is easy to install on a standard counter top, easy to use and delivers high quality results cooking up to 20x faster than a conventional oven.  Its versatility to cook, toast, grill and reheat food, delivering high quality, repeatable dishes with every order, from just one compact appliance makes the Merrychef eikon® e2s an excellent return on investment.

The Merrychef eikon® e2s has ground-breaking small cavity (12” x 12”) to oven width 14” ratio and is available in designs to suit your outlet from Classic to Trend red or black as well as in standard or high power options to meet your customer demand.  The easyTouch® icon-driven touchscreen ensures high quality, repeatable results, even for untrained staff, making it ideal for cafes, bars, convenience stores and quick service outlets.

Available as a high powered unit cooking up to 20x faster with a 2000W microwave, 2200W convection and tuned impingement, or standard powered. cooking up to 12x faster with a 1000W microwave, 2200W convection and tuned impingement.

High speed, compact and versatile

With a groundbreaking large cavity (12” x 12”) to oven width (14”) ratio; UL certified ventless design and a patented cooling system to keep all exterior walls cool-to-touch, the Merrychef eikon e2s can be placed on a standard counter-top front-of-house. Superior functionality, easy to install, easy to use and best in class energy efficiency guarantees an excellent return on investment for your operation.
The easyTouch icon-driven touchscreen allows low-skilled staff to produce professional results with every order whilst minimising training and overcoming any language barriers.

Precision Technology

The finely tuned combination of three heating technologies: convection, tuned impingement and microwave makes the heat level consistent ensuring even, high quality, repeatable results. The Merrychef eikon e2s is available in standard (1000W) or high (2000W) microwave power, delivering food up to 20x faster than other cooking methods.

“We work closely with market leaders to support you on your Food To Go journey providing consultation, sales and installation. We help our customers make informed decisions on the right equipment and set up for their menu supporting the transformation from convenience stores offering food, to food stores offering convenience.”

Craig Glen, GC Thermal Solutions

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